Questions to Ask

Questions to ask your doctor/healthcare provider about home care

Do I need any kind of home care?

What kind of help will I need at home?

Will a case manager help me get in-home care?

What am I able to do/not able to do for myself?

Questions to ask a home care agency

How long have you been in business?

Who owns/operates the business?

How do you determine what kind of care I need?

Do you provide a care plan?

Is there a list of clients’ rights and responsibilities?

What services do you provide?

What services DON’T you provide?

Do prices vary based on the type of care provided?

How do you bill for services?

What type of caregiver screening/background check is done?

Are caregivers insured?

How are caregivers trained?

Do caregivers have any special training for certain chronic conditions?

When/how do we meet the caregiver(s)?

What hours are caregivers available to work?

How quickly can services begin?

Will I have the same caregiver(s) all the time?

Who do I contact if I have questions/concerns/problems?